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About Buddyz Ltd

The idea of Buddyz came together at the end of 2018, when the idea of making the process of buying hoodies and other garments a great deal easier for parents, trips organisers and teachers seemed something that should be pursued.

We are sure you will recognise the scenario. The organiser, quite often an already overloaded school teacher, would decide on the design and offer it out to pupils. It was then up to them to organise collecting payment, answering all the questions regarding sizing, collecting names and getting all the information to the supplier to get the goods in plenty of time. And then, when all that was done, dealing with the late comers...

Not any more. That's where Buddyz comes in. With Susan owning schoolwear shops and Danny owning an embroidery business, there weren't too many bases that weren’t already covered. And now with the last few loose ends firmly tied, we are raring to go.